Let us remember….

Let us remember above all we were created equal 
by a god so see through
His intent unique to 
those who worship and believe who answers prayers that deliver you from the hopelessness of pain.
No one dies in vain, nothing new under the sun. Everything remains the same.
The lives of the victims will impact some how, some way….
As I ponder what more to say I realized how much more I pray. How much more I wait on the call to be answered some how, some way.
So the victim’s lives will be exalted, a prime example of how much the Lord had loved them. 
Contrary to legalistic beliefs, he adored them.
And my heart cries to them that mourn.
The loss of a loved one my heart is torn. 
See to their families they were not gay so and so. 
They were people who they once lived for. So now tell them who will they live for? 
Some were Daughters and sons who had just begun to live out, to have fun. 
Some left their children with their sitter 
Never to hear their mothers whispers at night its cold when you have no one…..
some were brothers lovers or friends attached at the hip until the end never to realize that it will all end on that dreadful night to sleep they were sent…….
I speak peace love and joy 
I speak of a world where hate no longer destroys.
A place where we can all enjoy where we see each other as people not toys.
That we respect each others choice but can come together and rejoice.
That we have a God who loves us all that he can trully fill the void.


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