Just thinking…

Let us remember above all

We were created equal by our dear God.

So see through his intent unique above all

To those who worship who sometimes fall!

Believe who answers prayers cant you see?

Who delivers us from hopelessness

the ultimate release.

No one dies in vain, it’s true indeed.

Everything remains the same, just another day

The lives of the victims must impact some how, some way….

As I ponder what more to say I realized how much more I pray.

How much more I wait on the call to be answered some how, some day.

So the victim’s lives will be exalted,

A prime example of how much the Lord had loved them.

Contrary to legalistic beliefs, he adores us in spite of our sin CAN’T YOU SEE?

And my heart cries to them that mourn.

The loss of a loved one,

Just thinking….

My heart is torn.

These are people when I can’t

Who I live for.

So now tell them when you ask them….

That there is so much more.

Out here in the world listen

Don’t focus on his “to and fro”

May your touch comfort, pray to the almighty yes

“Let that one go” breathe in his holy spirit

That will nourish needs

And accept that in spite of evil there’s a God indeed.

Some were Daughters and Sons, who when they smile looked free

Their countenance excited them..

yes…. their evil needs.

Yet “It”!

Also had them on their knees, one day when they were younger,


In churches and in bathrooms, “keep it hidden please“?

Or I make sure you never live if you tell on me!

Pray to your maker the so called undertaker“!

I can’t even mimic “It’s” voice he is such a faker!

Telling lies to altar boys convincing them they

You have no maker”

And the Lord watching this seemed Manic with hate!

His voice like a Lion that had no face!

When he can’t take the suffering

He retrieves…….

Has to step back and he fills with rage!

Child after child of God “IT” likes to take.

So together congruence

Let us make him pay!

Keep the Sabbath Holy and the Testimony of Jesus the King


Astharte pero De Los Santos




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