The vagabond

Run find your place vagabond. Have shame your a disgrace vagabond. You make it obvious with all your pain. No one cares. Because at the end of the day, they laugh and stare. They place snares around you. Slipping bananas…
So you can bust your ass, vagabond.
Yet their cheerful smile, enticing loud.
You make them proud as you approach the crowd.
Reaching acceptance, finally oh wow.
Then the same shit happens, yet you wonder how?
Because your heart is out exposed to the world
so loud.
Your cries for love reach the eternal grounds.
They echo clearly, so does your frown…
Comply with your treatment, yes that’s how!
you’ll get them to see, yes they’ll know now.
How normal you can be and accept this now.
How many times can they hurt you, vagabond
they don’t deserve you…vagabond.
So take your stick with bag attached
keep looking for a place to crash…
Never once looking back, never once loosing track
of the mission at hand. To impart justice, peace through facts.
To express yourself with rap on wax.
Whatever your passion is whatever your goals are
vagabond, relax.
You will do what you think, it’s just a matter of time.
Before they see you come forth and manifest the divine.
So keep pushing vagabond, don’t hide. So keep living nonchalant,
remember they don’t like your kind. Vagabond.


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