Together again

When we make love I tell you with my body that you belong to me. That when you touch me, my body obliges to your needs.

You need to see me obey you, your command is for me to reach the very heights only you can bring me to.

Yet you left yet again because I wasn’t mature enough to see that if your are there with me you are here for me.

That night you called and asked what was the urgency?

Would you like me to tell you….

That once we arrived together that I cannot shake you off. That my body craves you as we crave water when thirsty.

You gave in you always have. That night everything was forgotten. That night we decided that we would not put up a fight. Only you and I know whats right.

That you belong to me and I belong to you. That I found my resting place within you. That your comfort weighs me down and your love keeps me going.

Together again we are together we will remain. It hurts me to know to remember when you wouldnt even answer yet it took some time and you did.

Your heart grew cold but I prayed for it to be soften. I prayed that you would be the man I only need.

Together again we are together again we will be. For my heart longed for you and the God of my heart listened!!!


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