He touched the deepest part of her. His resonance was in every touch she felt.

As she showered looking down at every part he kissed, he left his imprint on her skin like stamp marking his territory. He was the one, the only one she thought as she lay in the tub submerged with rose petals and fragrant bath oils. Candles lit create an ambiance of pure magic.

If only he were here she thought, glancing at the time that seemed to work against her so tedious and slow. Causing her to cry at the very thought of losing him forever. His resonance was slowly left behind like a murderous trap with no one to blame. No one who can see him. Sitting on my couch with his legs raised, making sure we knew he was my man. Or the backyard, that causes her to brag about how he cleaned it up nice on her birthday.

Or a laugh might slip as she thinks of the moment he asked if she wanted the flowers some guy was selling while waiting on his goat soup. Never once has she met a man so powerful. That his biggest weapon is his intelligence and precision. A man so complete that all he needs is his word and a backpack as he trails off into the sunlight.

A true vagabond, self explorer who needs none but his Lord, that has kept him since a youth.

Maybe she is destined to be punished for her coldness. How she lives thinking things in her head and acts upon it. A curse brought upon her due to selfishness and pure self hatred. Why must she be inquisitive about things unknown to her. So curious about what the future holds, so desperate to find answers that relate hope.

But there was something different that night……..

She had been unfaithful and that’s why she lost him but decided that it was time to move on. She removed any connection that she had of him. She striped her soul of him, she experienced withdrawal symptoms greater than a heroin fiend. But she prevailed. She rose and never fell again for the same bullshit.

His resonance continued to haunt her from foreign colognes to the food he ate she felt him everywhere. As much as she put him away in the back of her mind she also waited.

She became strong and independent. She focused on her self. She cared again about her looks and reinvented everything she would of liked to do.

And you know what! Right when she didn’t need him, right when she didn’t talk about him or allowed him in her thoughts. He came like the white horse comes and rescues you in those old movies. Radiant he was and he also had worked on himself much.

Together they became one. Together they fought for love. That feeling you cannot hide. That mutual feeling you both can feel when performing the physical act of it.

Love is a decision you make, a grand gesture of gratitude and appreciation for life. For your love, mom or friend. We need to mold love into what it should be. It’s an emotion, an energy that if left neglected can cause the heart to grow cold and love to escape you as a bird would fly out of the cage it lives in.


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