A gal like me….

As I watch from afar I get overwhelmed with pride.

For a gal like me can only wish for half as much!

See a gal like me is rough around the edges. Stains sometimes from eating mess up my shirt. I eat like a horse. 

A gal like me gets a kind smile from the opposite sex not a desiring look.

For a gal like can only wish to be perfect. Yet perfect is unattainable.

In a perfect world we would be all equal. Yet in my world I can only wish to savor just a taste of what you have.

So I ponder yes I wonder! I dream I wish I desire and those inclinations are what keep me going.

A gal like me can only dream and wish so I write. So maybe it can come to pass. That my words force the universe to take action. That stars may align. 

A gal like me…….





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