Upon your returning

He gazed at her longingly

Willing to make that step to make that change…..

His gestures spoke loudly as he reached over for a hug

Startled she chuckled for the words he spoke to her in the last few weeks had been harsh, to much to bare

They always seem to find their way back

Back at square one

Feelings as naked as their bodies were on those nights of pure bliss

Some of the best love making that their bodies can ask for

His skin against hers frolicking all night on a bed of roses, on a dingy futon or wherever she would let him have her.

She was surely the one for the sparks flew and the cosmical alignment was at its best

They knew what they had to do they knew the sacrifices they had to make at that very moment they made that leap to never once depart from each other leave the other astray

He’s made mistakes but so has she…..She ain’t no angel but neither is he

To glide against each other that night would be a dream

To taste his body will bring me to my knees

Satisfy him with every kiss

Bringing him bliss amidst all this

So much drama so many fights so many bad things said but at that very moment all is forgotten all is decided

When two people decide to grow up at once just for the thought of a future together.

I’ve whispered to him many times while we make love how beautiful he is the many secrets I’ll hold in

Vulnerable I come to him all night for the very thought of his stiffness inside me can only bring thoughts of joy

I admit my desires through whispers beg him to show me with his body how he feels no words said no look but your breath says it all as you enjoy my body just as I enjoy yours

So at that moment as they met up to say those goodbyes they couldn’t let each other go and never once would they separate again

Their intent was to end it right then and there but the world shock the birds cried flowers died off their stem and all life had died The world became silent for that second and paused

As they went on their way they both looked back and their bodies froze the lingering taste of his mouth would not let me go

He savoured her cries begged her for mercy

And at that very moment they became one approached each other and have never let go since

5 children and a house together after in their elder age they can’t even say good bye to run errands

For the thought of ever not needing each other would be to much to bare.

My love I wait ready when you are……


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