Let me Breathe……..

Let me breathe


My thoughts of you consume me all day, your piercing eyes are engraved in my heart as you look at me longing for what could be there I feel, at times.

Someone with more control of herself around you.

Someone with more pride that lets you go when you choose to.

With my hope for tomorrow I gaze back at you longingly to tell me that these moments will never wither away into existence. Into the lost memories of eternity.

I need you around me to help me fight this fight I call life. You reaffirm my goals and love for the things in my life that are unseen.

You bring my wishes into fruition with your very presence that taunts me into thinking that we may never be. Yet we are, will be and have been since you wandered into my life.

Let me breathe, let me go on for one minute without tasting your lips in my reminiscing, tell me that you can let go of me for one second of my day without guessing where you are and wondering if you are also thinking of me in this way.

They said once love in unpredictable, but you have surely made your stance in my every thought. I predict I’ll be in love with you till I cannot stop. Till my body gives out and my soul says no more.

I can remember the first time you gave me this feeling you had a smirk on your face because you have seen it before. You have seen that gaze somewhere in your dreams and your thoughts were already being consumed by me. So I will also let you breathe. I will let you sigh in admiration of me.

For the way you make me feel deserves to be recorded in time. It deserves being enjoyed and wished upon to others. See this feeling of the way you love is an ode to love. To us. I believe at this very moment I am being blessed by your presence, that you are surely are in my life for a purpose and that in this moment your purpose is to help me feel loved.

Your arms around me feel like a magnetic energy that can manifest greatness but only if you can let me breathe. Let me go up for air and feel your words manifest into greatness. See I never knew what love was before you smiled at me and never knew what it sounded like before your body whispered to mine that it needed me. So I ask you to let me breathe as we come up for air in the majestic feeling our love created.

Some things do not need to be expressed and many things are left unsaid but the hope you brought back into my life speaks volumes as I sit here and remember all the things that I have felt. Your love tastes sweet to me riper than the ripest fruit, left wondering what our future holds. Yet only time can tell for your mysteries are what intrigue me, as you lead the way. You are precious in my soul forever a gem that shines a light so rare I dare not get in it’s way. So, love me so pure and good that it weakens my loins and leaves contemplating my existence. Love me so long and so good that it makes me forget tomorrow and allows me to enjoy this very moment. Love me so strangely that only you can fill the void of that merciless love. Love me always with your heart, mind body and soul that leaves me gasping for air begging you to let me breathe…………. please let me come up for air.


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  1. RubyCardinal says:

    Very powerful post ❤️ Check out my blog at https://rubycardinal.blog like/follow/share please 😃

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  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite line is “Yet we are, will be and have been since you wandered into my life”.


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