Love me

Please. Don’t break me don’t destroy what your eyes can’t see.

In me, deeply captivating

Show me kindness, with you I’m free

Don’t shy away from me not now promise me

Love me till my voice escapes whispers till the time is late

Talking about nothing yet anything is something great

Love me till you can relate

Together till the sun goes down beneath you till the sun comes out

In your arms is where you’ll find me lost in paradise is where I want to be

Love me till you pray for me, on my behalf you ask for me, maybe things I cannot see.

Tell him how I’m pretty that my eyes have made you melt, tell him that I love him I just need a little help.

Love me till my heart ceases to explore, love me till words can’t be expressed no more.

Just make sure you love me with the only love that I enjoy.

A love that is patient not easily destroyed.


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