A gal like me….

A poem about loving self.


A reflective poem about love, life and a love so pure it’s hard not to fight for.

Together again

When the heart longs for someone it could only be happy with that one!! 💖💏


Why does communion matter to God? It requires humility and a willingness to forgive.

My trust in you

I put my trust in you I always have. You have been kind, thoughtful a true gentleman. Teaching me patience through your methodical blessings. Not too much, not too soon. But I plead with you Lord. Not this! Don’t take away the one thing that has uplifted me in the last few months. I go…

The ghost of us

I remember that sofa, when we had those big gatherings and we use to sit beside each other making fun of everybody’s outfit. The kitchen, where you use to make me breakfast while telling me your darkest secrets after those terrible nightmares you had. That stool, where we made love for the first time I…

The rising phoenix

She wore a messenger bag, With nothing in her bag but hope…. Nothing in her heart but love. Disillusioned with life…. And still every morning she will rise. Hand to mouth with the Lord. Begging for a new perspective. Scared that she will trail off into no mans land….. The type you see under the…

The vagabond

Run find your place vagabond. Have shame your a disgrace vagabond. You make it obvious with all your pain. No one cares. Because at the end of the day, they laugh and stare. They place snares around you. Slipping bananas… So you can bust your ass, vagabond. Yet their cheerful smile, enticing loud. You make…

When I became a woman…..

When I became a woman When I became a woman it was the hardest decision I made. It meant putting my feelings aside not doing the same. Things that were foreign to me, I did truly ashamed. But now I know better so it wasn’t in vain. When I became a woman it was so…